Konohagakure, Konoha or Village Hidden in the Leaf (colloquially referred to as Leaf) in Fire Country is the most powerful of the five major ninja villages, and is the largest city in Fire. It was found by Senju Hashirama, the first kage of Konoha.


Team Uplift made their visit there after the Arikada mission failed, and was ultimately ejected out of Leaf due to Kurosawa Hazō's poor wording in a conversation with Jiraiya.


This is a list of ninja who hailed from Konohagakure


  • Hatake Kakashi - Jonin-sensei of team 7, with the only known successful bloodline transplant.
  • Uzumaki Naruto - Fought against Gaara of the Desert to a tie in the chuunin exam, although nobody knew what was happening. He is Jiraiya's godson.
  • Ishihara Akane

The three Sannin: