Vampire Dew

Your max chakra capacity is 30x your Control attribute. The Regeneration attribute and Capacity attribute are almost useless to you.
Innate chakra of 1, (yes 1, not 10 re-scaled) every other point in the water. He can still do all normal techniques, he just has to use his water as a literal chakra pool. No regen, but a skill to drain chakra from those touching water he is also touching, may eventually increase to mist.
May transfer chakra to others by having them drink his water in .5 L quantities which hold arbitrary amounts of chakra he may decide, from 1 to all of it. Quantities less than than critical mass (.5 L) of water swiftly lose charge outside of his barrel. Quantities over .5 L lose charge at a rate dependent on how much chakra was originally in the water, with more chakra lasting longer for times between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

How quickly do things notice they're being drained?:

dumb animals, never
smart animals, eventually
ninja, variable

User can very roughly sense magnitude and direction of chakra sources he is draining within his range, but he is still unskilled. The difference between a school of fish, a giant gator and a patch of leeches will require more training, and distance will also take time. Water currents are disruptive to sensing direction, fortunately swamps are mostly stagnant and still. Such matters can be expected to improve with training.

Bloodline user carries around 10L of water with him at all times in a special barrel which would take him a week of specialised work to replace, the barrel helps keep the chakra from escaping. He had spares at home and would quite like to get to work making one here as well at some point.

If you run out of water you are screwed, so you may choose to make extra barrels of various sizes to hold extra water, though it will affect your maneuverability and such to lug around too much. At start you can drain 1 chakra point every minute, worst case scenario you can drain your team mates without permanent ill effect so long as you don't suck them dry. Drain rate: VD Level * 0.5CP/s.

There exist simple techniques to condense moisture out of the humidity of the air at a slow rate in all but the most arid of locales, which you may acquire for 1xp.

Also could someone come up with a cool name.
Edit: His/her bloodline allows instantaneous absorption of chakra straight from the barrel, but only by him/herself. Everyone else must drink.
Edit 2: A normal ninja may be supercharged by drinking the water. They treat it like normal chakra, it sticks around till they use it unless it's more than their body can hold in which case the extra is wasted at a rate of 10CP/minute until they hit their normal chakra limit. In the bloodlimit user we will essentially treat the barrel as identical to their normal chakra stores for combat purposes. The max bodily capacity of the bloodlimit user is 1, don't bother trying to supercharge him to hold extra. It'll all just slide off his highly specialised chakra system, possibly causing damage.
The total amount a ninja can be supercharged by is (Control + Capacity) x5. That's the reciever's stats, not the bloodlimit user's.