Vacuum Step is a Wind Element technique. This technique generates a wave of vacuum a few inches in front of the user, which rapidly moves the user towards a pre-selected destination in an uncontrolled manner, reversing direction as the user approaches the end so as to leave them at the same velocity as when they started. The wave does not bypass obstacles, and if the user encounters an obstacle, they will crash into it at high speed and the technique will terminate.

Vacuum Step has unlimited range and will always bring you to your destination if the path is unobstructed. However, when using the technique the user must make a roll to aim correctly and retain control. The roll uses the technique level against a TN of (horizontal distance travelled in metres + 150) x (vertical distance travelled in metres, min 1). On a failure, the user suffers harm during the journey as they are slammed into the surrounding environment while the vacuum tears the air from their lungs etc., taking damage as if they had failed a combat roll with the same numbers.

Application and PlotEdit

Keiko acquired the justu as part of the reward for completing the Arikada mission.

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