The basics: Using our zeppelin-tech, we come in fast and quiet to extract Kurosawa Hana while she's on a mission (bad idea to pull it off in Mist, obviously).

Things to do:


Plan of action

We need to know first of all where Hana is.

  • Most of the time this will be Mist, which is a valid if extremely risky option.
  • Situation-willing, we might be able to ask Jiraiya to tell us when his network finds out Hana's location.

Find a way to inform Hana of what we're trying to do, so she'll come of her own volition.

  • If our zeppelins become well known, seeing it could potentially serve this purpose without specific communication.
  • If possible, we could send disguised pangolin agents to deliver a message to her, capable of unsummoning themselves if caught.


Maybe get Hana onto the zeppelin via chain substituting up a rope with clones? Test this out once we've got our zeppelin made.