Tea is a nation south or east of Fire country, playing host to an isolationist ninja village that is actually hidden.


  • Tonaki - A village that specialized in crafting.
  • Isan - A peaceful ninja village not involved in the outside world. As such, it is not part of the hidden village system. Their lives was disrupted when Team Uplift discovered their location.


Team Uplift arrived in Tea to search for a summoning scroll involving a mammal. They found Isan which guards the summoning scrolls they were looking for. Months passed before Mori Keiko was able to obtain the Pangolin clan summoning contract.

After leaving the hidden village, the team found a sketchy mission from an anonymous source, with the objective of stealing a message from someone in a Hot Spring hotel.

Someone stole the Capybara scroll from a Tea ninja clan with the intent to sell it to the Condor summoner. For one reason or another, the sale never proceeded.

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