Syrup Trap is a water element move designed for trapping opponents.

Roll vs Athletics of target and anyone in melee with target. Anyone who fails gains an Aspect along the lines of “Help, I’m Stuck!”, on which the caster gets a tag. This represents being caught in the sticky mass of goop the technique produces. The Aspect persists until the technique’s duration ends or until the target makes an Athletics check with a difficulty equal to the caster’s initial Syrup Trap roll. While the Aspect persists, the target cannot leave their current zone or use the Substitution Technique, and they lose (3xEffect) points from Athletics rolls.

Applications and PlotEdit

The move is very useful for disabling combatants in battle, as well non-lethal capture. The Goo Bomb Seal compete with the Syrup Trap for this functionality, but it must be noted that Syrup Trap don't run out like goo bomb seals do.

Gōketsu Noburi used the move against Hyūga Hinata in a practice spar.

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