When someone is trying to TacMov against you (e.g. they want to escape, you want to catch them), Syrup Trap can give them a penalty to their TacMov so that you’re more likely to win. Note that a person cannot use kawarimi to dodge or escape from the Syrup Trap. There’s two steps to this:

  1. Resolve the Syrup Trap contest.
  2. Resolve the TacMov contest that you actually care about.

To resolve the Syrup Trap: ST user rolls (TacMov + Syrup Trap level) Target rolls (TacMov)

If the target wins the roll then they dodged the syrup and take no penalty. If they lose, however much they lose by is subtracted from their subsequent TacMov roll.

Note: These rules are experimental and subject to change if we discover that they are horribly broken.

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