Few ninja possessed summoning contracts. Those who do tended to be more powerful.

Summoning Technique RulesEdit

  • The Summoning Technique demands Intelligence (x1), Resolve (x3) and Control (x2).
  • A summoner may summon individual beings with whom they have a summon pact. In order to form a summon pact, the summoner must negotiate with the prospective summon. If the prospective summon is willing, they will present their conditions, which typically require the regular provision of certain goods and/or services. If the summoner agrees, a summon pact is created. The summoner may have a number of pacts equal to their Summoning Technique level. They may end old pacts in order to create new ones.
  • Each summon has a level proportional to their amount of XP. A summoner may only summon beings with a level equal to or lower than their Summoning Technique level. The chakra cost for doing so is equal to the summon’s level x10.
  • You may summon one summon at a time. The summon will obey reasonable orders, and remain summoned for approximately six hours. If the summon takes moderate damage or higher, it will disappear from the human world. This process is traumatic, and a summon will not be willing to respond to another use of the Summoning Technique until it has recovered. Summons do not gain XP.
  • On rare occasions, a summon will be unavailable due to events in the Summon Realm. Under these circumstances, the contract stipulates that it will make a good-faith effort to find an appropriate replacement. If it is unable to do so quickly, the summoning will fail.
  • If a summon has a grievance against the summoner, it may also choose to refuse the summoning. If the grievance is not addressed to its satisfaction, and it refuses three consecutive summonings, the pact with it is broken.
  • When a summon is present, the summoner may request to be reverse-summoned into the Summon Realm, and to be sent back when their business there is complete. There is no limit on how long a summoner may stay in the Summon Realm, though the provision of food and shelter is not part of the summon contract, and must be negotiated separately. When the summoner is sent back, they will return to the place from which they were originally reverse-summoned.
  • Summons cannot communicate with the summon realm without leaving the Human Path.[1]
  • Bad things happen to clans who tried to have more than one summoner.[1]


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