Storage Seals are a kind of seal that store objects in a type of pocket dimension. Storage Seals are the most well studied in the art and science of Sealing. As a result, it is the least dangerous subject to research and there are many, numerous variants of storage seals for everything from bomb to air filtration.

Rules Edit

  • At creation time, the mass and volume limit of a storage seal is set, typically one cubic meter with the mass limit of one hundred kilogram and can only store one object. It must be noted that without further research, the most we can store is one hundred kilograms.
  • Object must be within one yard (three feet, slightly less than a meter).
  • Object definition: A drawn line should be able to connect to the nearest part of an object to be sealed. "Water' should be able to completely cover the surface of an object. If, for example, the object is chained or tied to something, it cannot be stored.
  • Asymmetric stresses are applied when objects are taken in and out, and they vary randomly in intensity and vector. They mostly stick to the surface object, though it can be inside as well.
  • Time does not pass inside the storage seal. Objects are preserved exactly as they are at the time of storage, including temperature.[1][2]
  • Every combination of size/mass in a storage seal is a separate seal that needs separate research. Right now Hazou only knows the 1m^3 / 100kg variant.[3]


For Clan Gōketsu, storage seals are ubiquitous and almost worthless yet extremely useful. For ninja, storage seals are valuable. Civilians usually do not have access to it nor can they use it without ninja.

Derivatives Edit

Using the storage seal as the basis, a number of specialized seals has been developed.

References Edit

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