Skywalker Usage Policy - A guideline to hiding the usage of Skywalker and keeping it secret.

There are two mode of skywalker use: battle, and travel.

Basic Skywalking Travel OPSEC v2: Edit

  1. Avoid ascending/descending, except at night.
    1. No, not even to go to the bathroom.
    2. In life/death emergencies, try to disguise any retreat into the sky with PMYF
  2. Daytime travel under henge, Sky Chameleon technique.
    1. Change your color to match the background of the sky.
  3. Travel should be done sufficiently high as to not be visible from the ground.
    1. Make use of Tunneler's Friend if necessary.
  4. Set up camp in the sky using watchtower platforms.
    1. Stockpile food/water stores before long-distance travel.
    2. Store solid waste in storage scrolls.
    3. Protect platform with elemental domes in cases of inclement weather