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Sealing history Edit

Sealing is prohibited by law in the Summon realm, although it doesn't prevent clans from using and trading for seals. The only known clan that traded for seals ais the Pangolin clan.[1]

Rules Edit

  • Seals cannot move, change shape or size of itself and other seals.
  • Seals can be drawn on paper, vellum, and paper-like things, clay tablets, polished marble and other smoothed stones. True masters can put seals on flesh, although Kagome is strongly against doing so.[2]
  • Under proper conditions (e.g. no touching incompatible seals), multiple seals may be placed on the same object.
  • All seal infusions have a chance of failing disastrously, and an infusion that simultaneously affects multiple seals is harder and therefore has a higher chance. The exception to this rule is when a sealmaster completely mastered a seal such that its target number is zero. [3]
  • Knowledge of similar seals and research notes can stack together when researching a seal.[4]
  • Kagome considered seals that stored chakra as generally idiotic and Hazo himself don't know of any seals that does that. [5]
  • Duration of seals are dependent on design. Some will last as long as they could, some still have improvements. However, all seals will fail eventually.[5]
  • An active seal draw small amount of chakra from the environment to activate particular effects.[5]

Seal Technology Edit

Proposal or developed prototypes that were the results or byproduct of using seals.

Some technology assists with seal related tasks, but are not seal technologies itself.

  • Pantograph - A device for drawing duplicating and scaling drawings.

Seals Hazō Knows Edit

Seals Kagome Knows Edit

Sealing Tech Tree Edit

See Speculative Sealing Tech Tree for unavailable seal.

Seals listed here are available for use or easily researched.

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