The Poor Man's Yellow Flash (PMYF) is a seal combining a standard storage seal with a release timer, and was the first novel seal idea researched by Hazou.[1] It can be used to introduce new substitution targets into a combat environment or travel path, or to launch heavy projectiles either as weapons (since storage seals release their cargo at zero velocity relative to the seal) or for the purposes of substituting at speed (since substitution swaps the momentum of the participants).

In its current version, the seal has a variable timer of up to 10 seconds before releasing its payload, which is limited in size to the standard 100km / 1 cubic meter.

A proposed 'Version 2.0' would hold multiple objects at once, to be unsealed either sequentially to permit catching the kunai and throwing/substituting again or unsealed all at once as a form of devastating ranged attack.

The name is a reference to the Fourth Hokage's use of the Flying Thunder God rapid teleportation technique, which earned him the moniker "the Yellow Flash".


The idea was approved by Gōketsu Kagome.


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