This is a resource for anyone who wants to evaluate a plan. Its goal is to contain all the questions that we should ask every time, but sometimes forget to.

Security Edit

Physical Edit

  • Are we aware of our surroundings? Where could someone be hiding?
  • What would it take for the people next to us to attack us?

Informational Edit

  • What secrets are we keeping?
  • Who do we know is listening?
  • Who might be listening?
  • Does the plan use any abilities we are supposed to keep secret?
  • Does this plan use information we are supposed to keep secret?
    • If it does, can an outside observer piece together what we know from what we are doing?

Social Edit

  • What is our current social role?
    • What are the expectations for that role, and the penalties for not meeting them?
  • Will we make ourselves or our allies look bad?
  • Will we make our enemies look good?

Responsibility Edit

Orders Edit

  • Do we have any relevant standing orders?
  • Have we been given a direct order?
  • What will happen if we violate those orders?

Relationships Edit

  • Do we have any friends who would care about what we are doing?
  • Are we harming any of our friends?
  • Do we have the opportunity to help any of our friends?
  • We are trying to make Hazou more empathetic, so is there an opportunity to specifically consider the feelings of others in this plan?

Agreements Edit

  • Have we made any relevant agreements or deals?
  • Will anyone think we have gone back on our word if we do this?

Side effects Edit

  • Will any environmental changes hurt our allies?
  • Or help our enemies?
  • Are bystanders, especially civilians, likely to get caught in any sort of cross fire?
  • Will anyone be hurt as a result of helping us?
    • Will this become known?

Practicality Edit

Advice Edit

  • Have we asked anyone in the game world to check our logic?
  • Are we accidentally planning for someone else who should be an expert on the topic? Like how we tried to plan for winter when Kagome was already a survival expert.
    • If so, consider putting it in anyway, but mark it as just a suggestion for the QMs, to save them some spoons.

Possibility and Rulings Edit

  • Is this plan possible within our current understanding of the world and its rules?
  • If anything relies on a specific interpretation of the world and its mechanics, can you point to a QM ruling on the matter?
    • Has the ruling been referenced recently?

Resources Edit

  • What resources does this plan need, and do we have enough of them?
    • Time
    • Seals
    • Money
    • Anonymity
    • Favours
    • Trust
  • Does the plan use resources that could be better spent somewhere else?

Formality Edit

Format and readability Edit

  • Can people understand your plan well enough to evaluate it?
  • Is it clear what order actions should happen in?

Time Edit

  • If your plan is totally new, is it at least 18 hours before the deadline?
  • If it is a minor change, have you double checked with someone else in the hive mind?
  • If it is a major change to an existing plan, have you considered posting it as a separate plan?

Spoon Savers Edit

  1. Have you marked events that can happen off screen?
  2. If anything requires complicated simulation, have you offered a model that the QMs could use?
  3. If your plan looks like it might win, have you asked the QMs if they want any clarifications?