The Pangolin clan are a summonable clan from the summon realm. The latest summoner to sign a contract is Mori Keiko, who obtained it from the Isan in Tea.

They are allied with the Toad clan and the Otter clan and their enemies, among others, are theCondor clan and the Tapir clan.[1]

The Tapir clan "betrayed" the pangolins by not coming to the latter's aid, instead staying neutral. However, nobody knows if the Tapir clan really exists. There is however, chakra tapirs being used by the ninja of Isan, but Pandā certainly did not think of them as the Tapir clan.

The Condor clan started a war with the Pangolin, making them a long time enemy, although the reason as to why is unstated or unexplored. Pandā told Team Uplift as to how the Condor became an enemy by telling how the Condor blocked passage to the Academy, which Jiraiya said may not exists.


  • Pandā - A naive fifty something old pangolin who is the liaison for the pangolin military to Keiko. He's a self proclaimed anthropologist.


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