Operational Security: the process of protecting individual pieces of data that could be grouped together to give the bigger picture.

Basic Skywalking Travel OPSEC v1:

  • goals:
    • keep existence of Skywalking seals secret.
    • Disguise travel movements to prevent suspicion of having a technique in the first place.
  1. Disguise travel movements. Henge[20] for everyone.
    1. Masks under henge disguises.
    2. Get Kagome to show everyone how to do the multi-henge trick.
    3. Seriously, don't get spotted while socializing. We don't want our movements tracked.
  2. No ascending/descending except at night.
    1. No, not even to go to the bathroom.
    2. In life/death emergencies, disguise retreat with PMYF
      1. If this is actually possible, develop PMYFv2
  3. Daytime travel under henge, Sky Chameleon technique.
    1. Change your color to match the background of the sky.
  4. Travel should be done several miles high in the sky, not just a couple thousand feet.
    1. Make use of Tunneler's Friend if necessary.
  5. Set up camp in the sky using watchtower platforms.
    1. Stockpile food stores before long-distance travel.
    2. Store solid waste in storage scrolls.
    3. Protect platform with elemental domes in case of inclement weather.
  6. Be very careful when using Misterators, or any other signature seals. If they are left behind, their presence in an area indicates we've been there.
    1. Similarly, leave MEW structures only reluctantly. Seal the stones in storage scrolls. Dump them in lakes, ponds, or rivers.
  7. Don't talk about Skywalker seals. Don't hint at them, don't insinuate you have a special way to travel. Don't look at the sky and give a hidden smile. Don't talk about high-altitude weather patterns.
    1. I recognize this rule is somewhat obvious, but it probably needs to be said anyway.