How do we make a good plan? How do we avoid mistakes? What caused massive success? How do we shake off pursuit?

This is the ninja operation manual, where we answer those kind of questions.

Plans Edit

SOPs Edit

SOPs or standard operating procedures are simply that, routine procedures encoded into our team's habit, whether it's patrolling, fleeing, or infiltrating, there's just some things that you'll need to do, and missing those steps could determine failure or success.

Current SOPs:

  • HISSS - safety during sealing research. Safety measure are automatically implemented in characters, requiring little intervention. In particular with repeated failure, characters will be more careful, up to and including the "butt wiggle" dance, a likely superstition that allegedly improve the success of a sealing infusion not going wrong.
  • Long-range movement
  • Choosing what to do
  • Skywalker SOP

Needed SOPs:

  • Base-building
  • Camp-building
  • Social Stuff:
  • -Negotiations 101: Making The Deal Worth Your Weight In Nazi Gold
  • -How to Care For Your Clan: Supporting Agency and Wellbeing
  • -Jonin Diplomacy Survival Guide, or How To Leave A Meeting Without Selling Your Soul.

Checklists Edit

SOP are actions oriented, but checklists listed here are more information oriented.

Analysis Edit

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