Multiple Earth Wall is an earth justu that is used to create granite walls.

You can spread that 2.85 cubic metres (or about 100 cubic feet) over as many separate walls as you like, so long as they're at least 30cm thick, 90cm tall and 90cm wide and positioned contiguous, side-by-side.[1] A single tall wall with the base chakra cost will end up 10m high.

Applications and Plot Edit

Hazō learned MEW from Gōketsu Jiraiya, who was at that time, his future father. Hazo used MEW for battlefield control, though he often used MEW to construct shelters.

Rulings Edit

The rock is always red granite.[2] Granite has density between 2.65 and 2.75 g/cm³, or between 7.55 and 7.85 tons per 6 CP.

The rocks grow at a constant velocity of 5m/s + 1m/s/lvl, with nearly no acceleration-deceleration time. This can be slowed intentionally, if wished for.[3]

Higher levels produce stronger walls, and it is also affected by the kind of rock made.[4]

The angle of formation can be near-arbitrarily extreme.[5]

"In the case where there is an existing source [of rock] it will be used, but it doesn't leave a gap behind. When you use MEW there is no hole underneath the wall. You can assume that earth is being drawn up / shifted around from underneath in order to fill in the space with no perceptible change from the surface -- i.e. there is no subsidence."[6]

"If a wall comes out of earth it's real, if not then it's a construct.

Constructs last a random amount of time on the order of 20 minutes."[7]

References Edit

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