Mori clan are part of Village Hidden in the Mist. They are wielders of the Frozen Skein bloodline.

Characteristics Edit

Calm, cold, analytical and incredibly intelligent.

Focus on organization, logistics, industrial espionage, cryptography.

Because their bloodline cripples their creativity, it's very rare for them to take leadership roles, and outright impossible to become the Mizukage.[1]

They are, however, seen as valuable advisors.[1]

Due to their economic acumen, they are incredibly rich.

Clan compound Edit

Designed many years ago by Mori Genzō, a branch family member. His designs are closely guarded clan secret, his signature fractal symbols a badge of honor. To this day his blueprints are used for further architectural projects.

It draws inspiration from nature, from seashells, trees to certain parts of animal anatomy.

Beautiful from the outside, calming and functional on the inside. It's navigation scheme hopelessly complicated to outsiders, and filled with various deadly traps, capable of felling any group of ninja.

Garden of the Taken Edit

When a Mori uses Frozen Skein too extensively, they enter a vegetative state.[2]

When that happens, they are placed in the Garden.

There are various plants in the Garden, amongst them tame examples of greater ravenous bloodflowers.

Chiaroscuro Chamber Edit

Yumi Mori uses chemical lights and chamber's white walls to present an intricate show of shifting shadows, their meaning dependent on the observer. [2]

Merchants and travelers visit this place, leaving various coins in the donation box, which is an integral part of the Coin System

Coin System Edit

Coins of various currencies and values are gathered in the donation box. Said box is from Chiaroscuro Chamber into the treasury. There, they are sorted, their ridges examined, and meaning extracted.

It is possible that the combination of coins remains the same (as they did not change for only two times Keiko ever examined them), changing only the ridges.

Members Edit

Mori Biwako (also known as Lady Biwako) - head of the clan

Mori Ryūgamine (also known as Angel Without Mercy) - husband of Mori Biwako

Mori Ami - clan's youngest jonin, a prodigy

Mori Keiko - former member of the clan, sister of Mori Ami

References Edit

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