"For a moment, Ami felt the weight of damnation, her sentence for finally manipulating the one person in her life who had always been pure.

Then she was in control. Always, and inescapably, in control." - Ami, after cutting ties with Keiko

Mori Ami is a ninja from Village Hidden in the Mist.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Keiko Edit

"Ami, who was prepared for everything, was taken completely off guard by the torrent of blazing joy. Keiko. Her Keiko. The sister she was afraid she’d never see again. The cutest kid in the world and her unknowing saviour. Keiko."[1]

Gave her own lucky shuriken to Keiko[2], an item normally reserved for most desperate situation.

She cut ties with her to prevent Mori Clan from manipulating Keiko for political gains.

Hazou Edit

In general, her opinion of him is mostly uncertain.

They met once, and shared a small amount of written correspondence.

She is offering (or accepting the offer, as she puts it) to marry him, albeit mostly (if not only) for political and personal reasons.

Personality Edit

Much of her personality is not truly known, due to her immense capability for deception.

She is capable of switching between various personas near instantly, being friendly in one moment and suddenly intimidating in the other.

In general, she shows a warm, extroverted and sociable persona. That, combined with penchant for unusual and creative activities, makes her very unlike most other Mori.

She is most certainly fond of practical jokes and pranks, and in general messing with people. She often does that for educational or practical purposes. Instances of this can be seen with her clanmate Riki, subtly changing his poorly hidden porn collection[1], or her first meeting with Hazou, where she run through various manipulations, just weak enough for him to resist (and teach him the dangers of jounin diplomacy).

She has a fondness for silly, cute and girly things. This can be seen with her last shuriken, which is painted a bright pink with sparkling sheep. She also frequently uses the ^_^ emoticon, which she used for written correspondence with Hazou, and possibly others (especially after getting the stamp from Hazou).

She is not as confident as she appears, and indeed suffered a great deal of mental instability in her past, just like her sister did.[1]

Skills and abilities Edit

An expert in social manipulation. Runs a robust favor economy[3], and convinced Jiraiya that she represents a third faction in Mist's politics.[4]

Fantastic (if not outright eidetic) memory, as is expected from an experienced Mori.[2]

Incredibly capable in general, considered a prodigy and a hero in her clan.

Great control over her bloodline, possibly capable of using it in combat.

Capable of running multiple accurate timers in her mind. She doesn't need to pay attention to them.[1]

Terrible at cooking.

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