Minor characters is a list of characters with only bit roles. Some are only mentioned.

Kirigakure Edit

  • Mako - Hazo's Jonin-sensei before his defection.[1]

Swamp Edit

All ninjas mentioned in this section are probably deceased, having been taken out by Zabuza Momochi and his group of hunter-nins if they haven't already died.

  • Shenzi - Killed Fukuma before the swamp.
  • Fukuma - Killed by Shenzi before the swamp.
  • Akabane Izumi - A jonin who was guarding the left flank of the fleeing mist ninjas before dying to an alligator attack.
  • Morobuni - A chunin who was pulled in by innocent looking reeds. Genin tried to cut off the reeds but it was too late. He bled out.
  • Fu - a medic-nin who died to a lilly pad despite extra protective details.
  • Hotaru - an apprentice of Fu.[2]
  • Shirogane - Ordered by Inoue Mari to store materials obtained by Kurosawa Hazō's team before chapter 4.[1]
  • Yamaguchi - Lead a genin team on scouting. Found a smokeless wood that made Shikigami happy.[1]
  • Shinra - Lead a genin team to do scouting and hunting. When they were stopped by a sentry, they realized that Misaka was missing.[1]
  • Misaka - A genin who went missing on Team Shinra's scouting and hunting mission in chapter 4.[1]
  • Shirogane - A genin who been asked by Mari to store some stuff.[1][3]
  • Shinagawa - Quartermaster who been hospitalized.[1]
  • Maehara - Acting quartermaster after Shinagawa been hospitalized.[1]

Town Near the Swamp Edit

  • Suzuki Yumiko - Leader of the town guard who greeted Hazo's group and purchased meat from them.[4]
  • Koizumi - Owns an apothecary.[4]
  • Yukimura - Blacksmith. Asked the team to catch some steelback. Steelback has enough irons in it that Yukimura could work it.[4]

Tea Edit

  • Okanao - postmaster/scribe who is the quest giver for the summoning scroll. He is part of Jiraiya's spy network.
  • Ui Isas - Beast Lord of legend. Said to have killed six dragons of the sea, and defeated bandit chef Sen's and his army from Noodle. The title of 'beast lord' probably referred to the summoning contract he held, misinterpreted as 'animal familiars' or 'nature magic'.
  • Akio - Apprentice of Ui Isas. Took the summoning scroll to found a new village.[5]

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