General list of inside jokes and things that may not make sense to newcomers.

Memes Edit

Hivemind Edit

Referring to the collective of players taking part in the quest, and subsequently controlling Hazou's actions.

Interaction with Yamanaka Edit

Due to being capable of accessing Hazou's mind, some joke/muse on peculiar interactions between the poor mindwalker and our community.

[X] Go east, over the ocean. Edit

A table-flip sort of option, a solution to problems and stressess of the modern ninja world.

Uses skywalkers to accomplish this plan.

Telescopes Edit

Object of desire, a device capable of multiplying Team Uplift's scouting capability, especially when combined with Skywalkers.

Sadly, no amount of effort is enough to actually obtain. Sometimes due to lacking funds, other times due to not having a chance to begin with.[find that merchant's deal, beginning of the quest I think][some other mentions were had]

It came to a point where an entire interlude was dedicated to a telescope merchant, eternally unlucky with finding his clients, yet determined to not give up so easily.[1]

[X] Armageddon Inititiative Edit

A plan to utilize the wide assortment of WMDs invented by the hivemind in order to cause unimaginable destruction.

Killbox Edit

Referring to prison in which entirety of Team Uplift was thrown into (with a very high chance of execution), shortly following Hazou's ill timed comment of "going pretty damn far" for Akane's sake.

YOUTH!!! Edit

Spelled using same shade of green as the youthsuit, it refers to philosophy followed by Hazou, but mainly Ishihara Akane, Maito Gai, and Rock Lee.

[specifics of the philosophy- Will of the Fire?]

(Buy a) Youthsuit Edit

Referring to the green spandex uniform, worn my Maito Gai and Rock Lee, this garish suit is frequently used as a joke in itself, worn for sheer ridiculity, and YOUTH.

Once, a joke vote "[X] Buy a youthsuit." passed. It resulted in a (nearly not) retconned update, where Hazou had a psychotic break, resulting in being detained and having Yamanaka read his mind.[2]

Akane is dead Edit

Due to confronting Tsunade over her treatment of terminally depressed Mari, as well as lack of evidence to contrary, some (jokingly or not) believe Akane to be dead.

<Screaming in Kagome> Edit

Refers to panicked and sometimes exaggerated screaming, often associated with Kagome.

Frequently used as a reaction towards disconcerting updates.

There is a chrome extension, allowing to rate posts by panicked screams.

Worldbuilding doc Edit

Referring to a document containing QMs notes on state of the world.

QMs frequently joke that the password has been leaked/figured out once again.

"Yes" Edit

A question of either/or can be answered by this word, being technically correct and completely useless.

Used by QMs for some answers which they won't answer otherwise, and other times used for lulz.

"Explosives solve everything" Edit

A philosophy and a catchphrase used by Kagome. Has a continuation of "if you can't solve it, you are not using enough explosives".

Social Explosives Edit

A natural extension of said philosophy. Some consider Intimidation to be said explosive, other refer to it as an abstract idea.

Cousin Sasuke Edit

Iron Nerve bearers have a 1 in 32 chance of having a child with Sharingan.

That means that Hazou and Sasuke are theoretically related.

Which means they can go bowling together.

Snek Uncle (aka Snuncle) Edit

Orochimaru is one of the Sannin, so in a way he's Jiraiya's brother. Jiraiya is Hazou's adoptive father.

Which means Snek's our uncle.

Some people are excited by the possibility of our boy and him meeting, as they share a passion for SCIENCE!

Spoons Edit

Mostly outdated term, referring to capacity of mental effort. Derived from this article about what it's like to live with lupus.

QMs are often out of spoons, especially when players figure out a world-breaking exploit. Again. See Aspirin.

Aspirin Edit

A cure for splitting headaches, often sought after by QMs, due to running out of spoons.

An in-universe alternative, often used by Jiraiya, is willowbark tea. (This is actually a real-world allusion. The active ingredient in aspirin can be obtained from willow bark.)

Ami Edit

A lively, outgoing girl with fondness of jokes and an optimized mental bloodline, allowing for insane degree of competence and talent.

^_^ Edit

An emoticon used in one of her letters to Hazou.

Dating/Marrying Ami Edit

Used to be a joke, which, to Keiko's horror, rapidly approaches reality.

People Edit

faflec Edit

Impeccable memory towards Marked for Death, frequently providing quotes, and outright correcting QMs on content of the story. (QMs: We're not bitter. Really. *grumble*)

Frequently posts <Screaming in Kagome> as a reaction, or other panicked cry.

Radvic Edit

Designer of most WMDs known to the Hivemind.

Supporter of Armageddon Initiative.

References Edit

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  2. Omake: Psychotic Mind Transmission - formerly canon update