Marked for Death is a rational Naruto quest running on Sufficient Velocity; you can find the thread here. This wiki hosts information related to the quest.

The quest is run by SV users EagleJarl, Velorien, and Oliwhail. The NPCs behave in a way that makes sense and furthers their own interests, and the world does not run on narrative convenience.

Gameplay Edit

The basis for all ninja magic is known as the energy Chakra.

Voting and planning guidelines by Twofold

Game Mechanics in Marked for Death

See the list of Techniques for in-depth mechanical explanation of individual jutsu.

See the list of Seals for sealing ideas and seals that we have made.

See the list of Items for useful objects that we may or may not be carrying around.

See the list of Acronyms and Memes commonly used in the thread.

See the Ninja Operation Manual on how to formulate a good plan and make decision.

See Science.

Characters Edit

Player Characters Edit

The players can only control Hazō's actions, but his teammates will generally follow his suggestions and training plans.

In addition, Hazō, Keiko, Noburi and Akane are accompanied by a former Mist jōnin, Inoue Mari, specialized in infiltration, genjutsu and taijutsu, as well as the sealmaster Kagome Yuu, of unknown national origin.

See minor characters for a list of characters with only bit pieces and mentions.

Plot Edit

Mari, Hazō, Keiko and Noburi are part of a group of Mist ninja that were deemed disloyal and sent on a suicide mission. Only part of the group survived, and the player party later bailed out before the remainder of the suicide-mission ninja were wiped out. They're now traveling the Elemental Nations as missing-nin. Akane and Kagome joined the party over the course of their travels during the team's time in Iron country.

See chapters for detailed plot summary.

History Edit

The event and life story of the Sage and the creation of chakra happened around thousand of years ago.

There was the warring states period, then came the elemental nations which were couple of hundred years old, and then hidden villages, which were only a century old.

Ninja Wars Edit

Civilian casualties varies in ninja wars, based on location. If it happens in the countryside, the casualties are likely to be minimal. Cities are on other hand, much more likely to rack up high body count. [1]

Geography Edit

The map of the elemental nations appeared to be a small part of a larger continent.

Mainland Edit

Nations that are part of the continental landmass are:

Islands Edit

References Edit

  1. [1] - Velorien's worldbuilding post on July 21, 2016

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