When moving long distances, team should:

  1. Chakra-boost:
    • Choose a level of chakra-boosting based on availability of bodies of water for Noburi to refill the team's chakra.
    • Move while chakra-boosted according to chosen boosting level.
    • Regularly use Noburi's abilities to rebalance chakra pools of team members.
    • When possible, stop at bodies of water to allow Noburi refill chakra reserves.
  2. Conceal their tracks:
    • Do short detours through bodies of water to thwart ninjas attempting to follow team's trails.
    • Use rabbit-like trail-scrambling tricks (loops, backtracking+jumping to the side, like on figure 2, etc.).
      • Instead of backtracking personally, use clones to lay false trail (preferably ending in a body of water/on stone outcrop/on other place where trail termination is not immediately obvious) and dispel.
    • Use PMYF to break trail:
      1. Try to schedule breaks for when the team is about to cross a largish body of water to confuse trackers on why they lost the trail.
      2. Team member throws PMYF and substitutes.
      3. One of remaining team members seals the substitution target into PMYF and reuses it.
      4. Repeat until everybody substituted.
      5. Last one to substitute uses additional tricks to conceal the fact of substitution:
      • Use local stone/log, substitute from the place where it was so it looks like it was slightly moved.
      • Substitute from surface of body of water, use stone collected from the bottom of the body of water as PMYF payload.
    • Use airborne poisons to deter scent trackers, if scent tracking is a possibility:
      1. Use a location shielded from the winds for track-scrambling tricks.
      2. Disperse airborne poison in the same location.
  3. Utilize Henge to provide terrain-appropriate camouflage and reduce malus dice
  4. If we need to cross a border, cross such that our actual target is not along the line of our apparent trajectory. This way, if we break pursuit, they won't be able to easily determine where to look for us.