The Kotsuzui clan (骨髄一族, Kotsuzui Ichizoku, English: Marrow Clan) is a player-created clan of unknown affiliations. Members possess several blood-themed abilities as a bloodline limit, known as Blood Release.

They are often hired to track down missing-nin, due to their enhanced sense of smell.

Blood Release Edit

Users can effectively never die from bleeding out and will heal from any nonlethal wound (bone damage excluded) in a matter of seconds to days. Skilled users can accelerate this.

They have a keen sense of smell for blood, and can identify familial relations by scent with training.

Blood Release grants access to the Blood Clone technique. Blood clones have the durability of elemental clones and the intelligence as well as mind and chakra sharing of shadow clones. They can also be infused with Water or Earth chakra to slightly improve durability or flexibility, respectively.