Hōzuki’s Mantle is a Water Element technique.

This technique creates a 270-degree dome of water in a 2-metre radius centred on the user’s centre of gravity, with the open section facing directly forwards. The dome has deflecting properties, and tendrils of water lash out from it randomly, making it difficult to attack the user from anywhere but the front. The user reduces enemy multiple combatant bonuses by 1 die per level, and gains +1 die per 3 levels to any close-combat skill.

However, the dome is fully opaque, and the user and anyone on the other side have 0 Awareness with respect to each other. In addition, the dome is slow to move or rotate, imposing a Tactical Movement penalty of 15 – (level x ½) on the user.

It cannot be chakra boosted.[1]

References Edit

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