Gōkestu Hazō, formerly Kurosawa Hazō is a Leaf ninja, sealsmith from Kirigakure. He is the only character directly controlled by the players.

Hivemind Edit

Although the players have significant control over him, it must be noted that Hazō is a completely independent and autonomous agent.

Following Minami Incident [find quote and proper name], Hazou gained a greater degree of autonomy, so as to prevent further mistakes from Hivemind's understanding of the ninja world.

Although his mother, Kurosawa Hana(and by extension Hazo) is expelled, they can trace their lineage through the Kurosawa clan for ten generations(~200 years).[1]

A jonin by the name of Mako was Hazo's sensei during his time as a Mist genin.[2]

Character Sheet

Background Edit

His two dreams as a shinobi were to find his own heart and kill his father's killer.

He learned how to kill a man as shown by his mother.

When in the academy, he advanced rapidly through his taijutsu class until he was sparring only with the instructors.

However, his penchant for asking questions got him punished. In his punishment, he learned all the efficient motions necessary to rapidly complete a given task. It may be scrubbing the floor, cleaning the grease trap, or cleaning the chimney. However, his questions eventually turned into 'demerit' costing him the status rookie-of-the-year.

At age eleven, his mother got into serious debt, so he helped her out by gambling; First, by jumping off a cliff to land on the Mizukage tower. When kids stop betting against him, he learned how to play craps. When the adults stop betting against him, he looked for gambling establishments further from his home, until a tatooed man had a long conversation with him.

When he became a genin, his missions were mostly D-rank missions. However, there were friendly competitions with his teammates.

Two weeks before he became a missing-nin, he was taken off his previous team and joined a new one.[3]

Since then, he became part of the short-lived Village Hidden in The Swamp, which lead him to be considered a missing-nin. Teaming up with Mori Keiko and Wakahisa Noburi with Shikigami as their sensei, they conducted a few short missions before finding Inoue Mari's forehead protector. Eventually choosing to join Inoue as they escaped Hidden Swamp, they became a heavy combat team despite Inoue's specialty in genjutsu.

Encountering a powerful ninja named Yujin shortly after leaving Hidden Swamp behind, the team accepted a mission from him by dint of Yujin utterly curbstomping the team. They traveled to infiltrate the New Samurai Army after rumors about a new Liberator appeared. After infiltrating for a few weeks, the team had to bug out, with Ishihara Akane choosing to follow them. They very narrowly failed to get out, but thanks to some last minute heroism on Hazou's part, escaped relatively unscathed.

In light of their successful mission, Yujin revealed himself to be Jiraiya, and granted each member of the team an open ended favor. Hazou himself received the Multiple Earth Wall as a result of Jiraiya's favor, while Keiko asked for advice. Jiraiya then informed Keiko that he had heard rumors of a summoning contract resurfacing around Tea, and so the team set off for Tea.

In Tea, they shortly tracked the contract to the Village Hidden in the Mountain, where the Pangolin Summoning Contract was located. There, after navigating countless village political intrigues, the team ended up with the Pangolin Summoning Contract.

Relationships Edit


Mari Edit

Hazō's relationship with Inoue, the team's jonin-sensei, has seemingly developed into some sense of camaraderie, with them occasionally meeting desperately to discuss the future of the team. Inoue has confessed that she, at least once, told him too much and erased his memory using the Truth Hidden in the Fog genjutsu.

Noburi Edit

Although he originally tried to befriend Noburi in an attempt to increase group cohesion, they have since become actual friends, though Noburi still finds Hazō insufferable sometimes.

Keiko Edit

Hazō feels deeply connected to Keiko over their shared social blindness. They try and work on this together: Keiko has helped Hazō with social interaction flowcharts, and they both make good use of the Clear Communication Jutsu. Hazō is aware of Keiko's unreasonably low sense of self-worth, and tries to help alleviate her self-hatred.

Kagome Edit

Kagome is Hazō's sealing teacher, and he has great respect for him. Kagome regards Hazō as a not-entirely-incompetent apprentice. Hazō is also aware of Kagome's social ineptness, and tries to be careful around him and make him feel like a welcome part of the group.

Akane Edit

Akane joined the group as Hazō's taijutsu apprentice, but they have since become friends as well. While Akane was recuperating in Leaf, they agreed to be romantically but non-exclusively involved. The pair of them share mutual admiration.

Ex-girlfriend [breakup scene], but still friend[talk after that].

Appearance Edit

Medium-length black hair, blue eyes (characteristic of Kurosawa Clan), medium height for a 14-year-old. Solid, muscular build with little excess fat. Constant analytical gaze, as if taking notes on surroundings. Habitual slight frown.

Personality Edit

Hazo's handwriting was noted by Kagome as messy.[4]

Unlike other characters, Hazo is constantly living under the influence of the hivemind, giving him peculiar disadvantages, but also powerful advantages as well.

The hivemind's lack of knowledge and context about the ninja world manifested as social ineptness, much like Keiko. But the hivemind's positive qualities can also manifest as a fondness for making long lists and flow charts, fast on the spot tactical decision-making, and creative problem solving.

Bad at keeping OPSEC, which mostly boils down to problems of compartmentalization of classified knowledge between various circles of trust (his allies vs. his family).

Skills and Abilities Edit

Hazo specialized in sealing, taijustu, deception, and diplomacy.

He is also considered the "face" of the group despite the lack of social skills.

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