Gōketsu Akane, formerly known as Ishihara Akane is a former missing-nin from Konohagakure, with civilian parents. Following the Arikada mission, she was formally reinstated as a Leaf ninja.


Mizuki tricked Akane into attempting to steal information from the tower. However, she was apprehended, and they didn't believe her story that it was a test. She managed to escape and became a missing-nin.

She learned Elemental Mastery from Takahashi during her time in Isan.[1]

Akane asked Jiraiya if she would be able to marry Hazō. Jiraiya said only if the political situation stabilized, otherwise Hazo's hand marriage may be the trump card the clan needs.[2]

Akane entered the Chūnin exam with Haruno Sakura and Yamamoto Haru, but their team scored too low in event four, disqualifying them from the exam.

After the newly minited chunin of Clan Gokestu returned from the tournament, Hazo asked if Akane wanted to be adopted, which she accepted.[3] Later, this was clarified to include her entire family.


  • Gōketsu Kenta - Her overprotective father.
  • Gōketsu Hazō - Former "teacher", one-time boyfriend, and now her adopted brother.




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