Five-Seal Barrier is a protective seal is placed on an object with a maximum volume determined by the sealcrafter's skill. The target must not possess chakra, or be part of a greater object (e.g. one section of a wall).

While the seal is in place, both it and the object cannot be moved (relative to the centre of the earth), and gain massive damage resistance, enough to be indestructible by any art Kagome knows. This effect lasts for 30 days, gradually decaying over time.

Four equidistant supporting seals must be placed between 3 and 100 metres from the object. If any of these are broken or removed, the object's damage resistance will decrease proportionately. If all four are broken or removed, the Five-Seal Barrier will deactivate. This will also happen if the four supporting seals and the central seal are moved relative to each other in any way.

Application and PlotEdit

The team came up with the skytower concept during their mission to capture Arikada. It uses ninja wire to hold up a wooden platform. The team used the skytower as an observation post to spot Arikada, which they successfully did. They later sold the skytower to Jiraiya.

Later, Keiko sold skytowers to the Pangolin. When Clan Gōketsu was strapped for cash, Keiko negotiated a generous deal with the pangolins involving the 5SB, which she later regretted. Finally, Keiko decided to cancel the deal for moral reasons.[1]


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