Explosive seals or explosive tags are ninja tools created by a sealmaster and most often used for either combat or demolition. They have a time delay set at activation and blast radius set at creation. For a standard exploding tag, the maximum delay is 5 seconds and the maximum range is 20 meters.

Additional Rules and Clarifications Edit

  • Wrapping a tag underneath bindings on a kunai handle is perfectly feasible, as long as you are able to touch it in order to prime it.​[1]
  • Fake exploding tags are easily produced, though an enemy will get a Deception roll to read your body language​ to detect the fake. [1]
  • Making exploding tag compartments inside kunai handles is uncomplicated, as long as you have your own forge and materials, and above average metallurgical skills; ninja villages tend to consider the marginal utility too low to bother​. The same applies to two-part kunai, only more so​.[1]
  • Tags cannot be placed inside clones, as if someone places their hand into the area where a clone is being created, they will disrupt the technique. Attempting to insert a tag through the clone’s “skin” will count as damage and destroy the clone.​[1]

References Edit

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