One usage of FOO Clone (Water / Bug / Earth…) gets you multiple clones. Specifically, you get floor( level / 3) clones for each usage.  At creation they have every physical and jutsu skill you have except bloodline skills, but at reduced level.  Specifically, their skills are at the lower of:  1/3 your foo clone skill or 1/3 of the skill itself. Round down.  By example, if Nobby has:

  • Water Clone 3, Taijutsu 3 then his clones have taijutsu of 1.  
  • Water Clone 5, Taijutsu 3 then his clones have taijutsu of 1.  
  • Water Clone 6, Taijutsu 12 then his clones have taijutsu of 2.

The clones can follow conditional commands which are implanted during their creation.  You can also mentally assign each of them a unique id at creation time, allowing you to have plans like “Clone #1 go left, clone #2 go right”.

At a basic level, clones have a range of ~150m and a maximum of 10 minutes duration, less in the middle of frantic combat.

In combat, each clone represents 1 die of Taijutsu bonus to someone; you can assign the clones to help anyone you want, but no more than level / 3 clones can be assigned to one person because mumble mumble dumb clones get in each other's way mumble. When Noburi has a Water Clone skill of 11, he could create 3 clones and do any of the following:

  • Noburi +3 Taijutsu
  • Hazou +3 Taijutsu
  • Noburi +1 Taijutsu; Hazou +2 Taijutsu
  • Noburi +1 Taijutsu; Hazou +1 Taijutsu ; Akane +1 Taijutsu
  • NOT ALLOWED: ...anyone... +4 Taijutsu; ...anything else...
  • NOT ALLOWED: ...anyone...: +1 Weapons ; ...anything else….

The type of clone confer different properties on them. For example, destroying an Water clone means hitting some amount of water. Earth clone will be slower but heavier, while Wind use water techniques, etc.[1]


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