The Earth Dome Seal is a seal design that was granted to Kagome by Jiraiya.


  • Pair of seals placed in a plane with each other.
  • Forms a dome of chakra-construct granite with the two seals at opposite ends of its diameter, outside the dome. Can be any size up to 10m in diameter, or as small as 60cm (the dome is roughly 30cm thick, so this just produces a solid block of rock). Lasts roughly the same amount of time as chakra-construct MEWs.
  • Removing or destroying the seals will dispel the dome.
  • As with MEW, extends a short distance into the ground and is chakra-adhered to it.
  • Any matter that is too dense (limbs, tree branches, large amounts of water, sufficient numbers of bugs) in the area where the dome would form prevents seal activation.
  • Sufficient force to shatter granite will damage and dispel the dome.