The following is a failure analysis, intended to help players and improve characters' survival in-game.

Unlike the Hot Spring mission, this mission was a total success, with Jiraiya offering rewards.

Nonetheless, it was not a perfect mission by any means, and there are meaningful lessons that could be gained from this.

What Happened?Edit

  • Mission acceptance - We were forced by Jiraiya to accept this mission because we killed some of his operatives in the Hot Spring mission.
  • Infiltration & Scouting - Our infiltration of the town were of limited success. Our cover were blown, and we were able to only secure limited cooperation. However, our scouting were mixed. We weren't able to chart out escape route because of our blown cover, but high altitude observation allowed us to spot Arikada and prepare an hastly ambush.
  • Execution & Combat - Our ambush was foiled at the last minute by our poor stealth level, but we were able to crush her guards and pursue Arkiada until she surrendered to Inoue Mari's gambit.
  • Exfiltration - Unfortunately, Arikada tried to ambush the team with chakra worms during our crossing to Fire, critically injuring Akane.

It must be said that Inoue Mari was the critical member to accomplishing our goal and getting out there alive despite mishaps.

Without her, we wouldn't be able to get Akane the medical care that she need and prevented Arikada from escaping.