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• 2/12/2019

A placeholder title and random musings with a chance of repetition.

Mostly messing around with another feature. I am new to all this, so some things will require reworking (like quotes...).

I wonder what is my plan when it comes to reviving this wiki. For now I am just messing around with whatever catches my interest, sometimes doing more groundwork and in general wondering about various To-Dos

Templates need work for sure- Summoner clans could use those (what are they about, who are they allied with, are they free?, etc.); clans in general too, though not as much.

Pages that needs most work are... characters, probably. Especially not-main-cast-but-still-important-OC-ones, like Hana or Ren.

And plans, of course. First reason why I took charge of renovating this place.

OPSEC feels like the easier thing to tackle - it's a tighter topic, with at least one guide from QMs, and in general smaller.

Social stuff feels like it would need to be split up, but I am not sure how exactly- negotiating 101, xenos and you- how to not get in somebody's snout, Jonin Diplomacy Survival Guide, etc...

Ideas, ideas. And all those ideas need one thing- work.

And who's going to do work? Well, me of course. But it'll be great if I can convince somebody to volunteer too.

I feel that this work can be best described as that of an archivist- seeking out sources of information, making summaries and just putting it all in one place.

There are various projects made over the years, trying to describe the characters, or what Hazou knows about everyone (or what we- Players, know). Yet they all.... kinda died? I think?

That's understandable, of course- to get motivation for a few, if not tens of hours of work is rather easy.

To maintain motivation for hundreds of hours? Nah.

And yet, I feel this is a better place to compile this knowledge.

A library with tons of folders, instead of piles of paper.

Well, spent enough time rambling- back to work.

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• 12/3/2016
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